Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Misters and Little Misses

Recently one of our staff members went to go get a pedicure with a friend. Our staff member, who has a young toddler, decided it was best to leave her son at home with dad. Her friend however, brought her little 18 month-old girl with her. In complete shock, our staff member watched as the little girl sat still in the pedicure chair, outstretched her toes, and read a book for the entire 45 minutes while her toes were painted a bright hot pink. The little girl hardly said a word. You may have come across these types of children or maybe you even have one: a little mister or a little miss. These children behave like little adults before they can even use the potty.

Even if you don’t have one of these mini-adult children, you can still dress your little child (no matter how rambunctious they are!) as little misters and little misses. At Brea’s Baby Boutique we sell affordable, stylish boutique clothing for the tiny humans in your life.

Do you know a boy who can’t seem to stop wearing daddy’s ties? If you do, maybe the Boys TTB Skill and Roses Tie Pattern Shirt will help him feel like the grown man he's destined to be!

Is your little girl convinced that she's a princess? Does she watch the same Disney princess DVDs over and over again? Do you have a hard time keeping her out of your makeup, shoes, and jewelry? Brea's has the solution--check out our Girls Posh Little Tutus Pink Orchid Princess Tutu Dress!  

Does your little boy like to golf? Does he just know when he looks good? If so, maybe the Boys Lito Khaki Striped Cotton Seersucker Dressy Vest Set might work for him! 

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we carry all the gear your child could ever want or need. Check out our clearance items! Right now we have boutique pettiskirts, boutique pettidresses, rompers, dresses, cute shoes, and designer outfits on sale! 

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