Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Birthday Party Outfits and Ideas

There's something about summer birthdays. It could be the combination of school ending, the longer days, and the warmer weather that makes summer birthdays so enjoyable. Unless you live in an extreme climate area, chances are all the summer birthdays you'll attend this year will take place outside. A pool, water balloons, and a grill might play a small part, too. Okay...a big part...

Here are some fun, easy, and cheap summer birthday party ideas for kids:

A sports/obstacle course/Olympics party: Competition is fun...especially for kids. Break your guests into different teams, countries, or whatever you want depending on the theme, to partake in an egg toss, obstacle course (the dizzy spinning bat is a must), volleyball, bowling, pie eating contest, etc. It's fun, it wears the kids out, and you and your guests won't feel bad about all the chips and dip you consumed.

A garden tea party: If you have a little miss priss, this party idea could be a potential winner. Have all your guests come in their fanciest attire. No one is exempt--and yes, that includes dads too!

A pirate party: Send treasure map invitations, drink pirate punch, and have the kids walk the plank. You could also have a scavenger hunt, play cannonball toss, and do other water-related games.

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we have hundreds of summer birthday outfits for girls and boys. We also have many cute outfits that are perfect for summer weather. Whether you're looking for 1st birthday outfits, 2nd birthday outfits, 1st birthday tutu sets, 1st birthday rompers, or just a cute summery dress, we guarantee that we'll have something that you and your little one will love.

Here are some of our favorite summer outfits for birthdays and playtime:

Girls SB Nautical Anchor Onesie - Personalized Baby Girl's Clothing

Girls Birthday 1st Birthday Princess Tutu Set - (Now in 2nd,3rd,4th!)

Boys ST Gold Fish Birthday Shortall or Longall

Girls Personlized Birthday Dress with Balloon In Bright Pink and Green

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fourth of July Inspired Outfits and Gear

Summer is just around the corner. Lemonade. Swimming pools. BBQ cookouts. White shorts. Vacations. We have so much to look forward to! The 4th of July is a summer favorite--it's the one holiday over the summer that brings good friends, good family, and good food all together at one place at the same time to cookout, swim, play sports, and watch the fireworks. If it's your son's or daughter's first 4th of July, it's sure to be a special one.

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we've put together an entire collection of over 47 items dedicated to our most patriotic holiday.  It's time to raise the flags and support the red, white, and blue. Who better to show our pride than our own little American citizens?

Here are some of our cutest, top-selling, 4th of July outfits:

Are you expecting a newborn in late June or early July? Our 4th of July pettiskirt would be a great photo prop for your little summer baby.

Girls KS Newborn Baby Blue Star White Red Pettiskirt

We try not to forget our boys. We have great patriotic stuff for them, too! Our personalized boy 4th of July outfits are a best-seller this year. 

Boys SB 4th of July Baby Onesie - Personalized Stars and Stripes Outfit

We have a wide selection of 4th of July tutus, 4th of July pettiskirts, and 4th of July outfits. Here are some of our favorites:

Girls Moxie Couture "Everyone Loves An American Girl" Bling TuTu One Piece

Girls Posh Little All American Princess & Stars 4th of July Baby Tutu Dress

Chic Baby Rose Proud To Be An America Pettiskirt

If you're looking for a great 4th of July accent piece, our 4th of July leggings are a great deal at $12.99!

Girls KS 4th July Blue Star Red White Lace Petti Warmers

You can check out our entire line of 4th of July products and grear at Brea's Baby Boutique. Right now we are offering $5.95 shipping on all orders. You can also take an extra 5% off your order by entering the code TAKE5 at the checkout. Happy summer shopping! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Rainbow Tutus, Pettiskirts, Rompers, and More!

ROYGBIV--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet--are all the colors in rainbow. Rainbows symbolize happiness. Rainbows are a cheerful reminder that a storm is ending and the sun is about to come out again. Rainbows are nice--and kids love them. At Brea's Baby Boutique, we sell many different rainbow-themed products and accessories for newborns, babies, and kids.

For your little baby girl (or boy!), Brea's Baby Boutique offers rainbow personalized onesies, baby rainbow rompers, and personalized rainbow tutu onesies. Some our onesies start as low as $11.99. Here are some links and pictures to some of our favorite and best-selling rainbow-inspired outfits:

Girls SB Personalized Rainbow Baby Onesie 

Girls Birthday Rainbow Cupcake Surprise Tutu Set

We also have rainbow outfits designed for your toddler, pre-schooler, or school-aged girl. These outfits are great for photo shoots, holidays, and birthday parties. Some little girls like to wear them whenever they can! A customer's daughter insisted on wearing her rainbow tutu to preschool every day for an entire week! Any mother of a little girl knows that the bigger the ruffles, the better the outfit. We have to agree. 

Girls PW Passion Colorful Rainbow Chiffon Pettiromper with Headband Set

Girls TPATP Zebra Rainbow Rhinestone Ruffle Dress

Girls Rainbow Lace Ruffles Pettidress

Hopefully these rainbow-inspired outfits made your day a little brighter. You can shop for more quality cute baby girl tutus, baby girl first birthday outfits, baby girl pettiskirts, and baby girl rompers online at

Unfortunately, we don't sell rainbow outfits for boys--but we do have an entire line of personalized boy onesies and personalized baby boy outfits. You can check them out here. Our little men need cute clothes, too! Once we design a rainbow outfit that a little boy can pull off, we'll let you know. Until then--trucks, trains, and animals it is!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits

There have been quite a few TV show characters that have been popular with little girls. The “Pink” Power Ranger, Tweedy Bird, the Powerpuff Girls, Dora the Explorer, and now, Hello Kitty, have all reached max popularity one point or another. However, after a few years, their characters stop showing up on backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, clothing, and other kid-related gear to be replaced by the newest and latest kiddie character. Like anything, trends come and go. There are a few exceptions however—specifically a little black mouse with a red polka dot dress and white gloves—Miss Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse has been a little girl favorite since the 1920s. She’s sassy, she’s cute, and she knows what she wants. She’s a classic. The Minnie Mouse phenomenon isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As a parent that’s good news—the outfits and products you buy will be in style for a long time to come. At Brea’s Baby Boutique, our Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits are our best selling outfits! We have over 75 different Minnie Mouse-related shoes, dresses, skirts, and pettiskirts available from as low as $10!

Here Are Five Best-Selling Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits

Girls Birthday Couture Zebra Minnie Mouse Tutu Set

Girls KS Minnie Mouse Birthday or Costume Pettiskirt 3-Piece Set

Girls BBC Minnie Mouse Rhinestone Hot Pink & Light Pink Polka Dot Pettiskirt Set

Whether you want to purchase a Minnie Mouse outfit for a birthday party, a costume, or just to wear out and about, you can guarantee that your little girl will love what she's wearing. Minnie Mouse is a classic--and she's sure to stick around. 

Brea's Baby Boutique also has two other themed birthday outfit collections: our 1st Birthday Outfit Theme and our Birthday Princess Theme. All of our outfits are made with quality fabrics and materials. You can view more outfits, gifts, and accessories on our home page

Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Misters and Little Misses

Recently one of our staff members went to go get a pedicure with a friend. Our staff member, who has a young toddler, decided it was best to leave her son at home with dad. Her friend however, brought her little 18 month-old girl with her. In complete shock, our staff member watched as the little girl sat still in the pedicure chair, outstretched her toes, and read a book for the entire 45 minutes while her toes were painted a bright hot pink. The little girl hardly said a word. You may have come across these types of children or maybe you even have one: a little mister or a little miss. These children behave like little adults before they can even use the potty.

Even if you don’t have one of these mini-adult children, you can still dress your little child (no matter how rambunctious they are!) as little misters and little misses. At Brea’s Baby Boutique we sell affordable, stylish boutique clothing for the tiny humans in your life.

Do you know a boy who can’t seem to stop wearing daddy’s ties? If you do, maybe the Boys TTB Skill and Roses Tie Pattern Shirt will help him feel like the grown man he's destined to be!

Is your little girl convinced that she's a princess? Does she watch the same Disney princess DVDs over and over again? Do you have a hard time keeping her out of your makeup, shoes, and jewelry? Brea's has the solution--check out our Girls Posh Little Tutus Pink Orchid Princess Tutu Dress!  

Does your little boy like to golf? Does he just know when he looks good? If so, maybe the Boys Lito Khaki Striped Cotton Seersucker Dressy Vest Set might work for him! 

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we carry all the gear your child could ever want or need. Check out our clearance items! Right now we have boutique pettiskirts, boutique pettidresses, rompers, dresses, cute shoes, and designer outfits on sale! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Games and Ideas

Due to the success of TLC’s 19 and Counting, the guess-the-type-of-mashed-chocolate-on-the-diaper game has been really popular at baby showers. The chug-the-baby-bottle and eat-the-baby-food games are pretty common games, too. Everyone loves showers that celebrate a brand new baby, but after awhile the same baby shower games get old, fast.

Here’s a list of Brea’s top 3 baby shower games that are guaranteed to entertain all guests of all ages—yes, even grumpy ninety-eight year-old Aunt Agnes!

3 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Games

1). Draw a Baby

All this cheap, easy-to-do baby shower game needs is a stack of paper plates and a few markers. Give each guest one paper plate and a marker and tell them they have to draw a picture of a baby. However, it’s not that simple—each guest needs to draw with the paper pate on his or her head! The finished masterpieces are sure to have everyone laughing!

2). Diaper Relay

Are your guests ultra-competitive? If so, break them up in several teams. Place several extra-large adult diapers at the end of the yard/room. Line up the teams on the other side. After signaling “go,” the first person on each team runs down to the stack of adult diapers to put the diapers on themselves (over their clothes). Once finished, they run back, lay down, and let the next person in line “change their diaper.” You’d repeat these steps until everyone has gone. It doesn’t get more personal/embarrassing than this!

3). Get Crafty

Buy enough onesies (different sizes) to give to each of your guest. Stretch each onesie across of piece of cardboard. When you’re ready to play, set out fabric paint and other baby-safe décor (ribbons, glitter, etc). Have everyone paint a personalized design on the onesie for the new baby. It’s a craft that the new parents can cherish forever—even after their precious baby outgrows the onesies.

Are you attending and/or hosting a baby shower in the near future? Have you played any great baby shower games? Have you seen any great themes? Brea’s Baby Boutique would love to hear from you!

Here are some of our most popular baby shower gifts:

Kara Nessian Personalized "Thank Heaven" For Little Girls - Radio Flyer Wagon

The Cashmere Bunny Beep Beep Baby

Baby Aspen Welcome Home Baby 3 Piece Layette Set in Keepsake Box - Blue

Monday, April 15, 2013

Diaper Cakes and other Crafty Baby Shower Gifts

Have you ever gone to a baby shower and looked at some of the gifts and wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?” Suddenly, the cute onesie you bought or the toy you purchased looked small in comparison to the handmade blankets and hand-embroidered outfits that other guests brought. Or worse—someone showed up with the same exact gift as you. Most mommies-to-be want the items off their gift register. However, you can’t register for something handmade, something thoughtful, or something crafted. Handmade gifts are usually favored over the Carter’s onesie or the Fisher Price toy—not because Carter’s or Fisher Price is bad, but because there is nothing else like it. People like unusual, one-of-a-kind, unique gifts. The problem is many women today are too busy to be crafty. And even if you are crafty—the materials, ribbon, onesies, thread, and whatever else you need can cost more than double the price than paying someone to make it for you.  

At Brea’s Baby Boutique, we can help you give a perfect, unique, handmade baby shower gift for the special mommy-to-be in your life. We offer a wide selection of cheap, handmade baby shower gifts. If you want, you can even say you made it. Don’t worry, we won’t tell J

One gift that is always a hit at baby showers is the diaper cake. A diaper cake is exactly what its name implies: a multi-layered tier cake made out of diapers. Diaper cakes are perfect—they’re handmade, beautiful to look at it, and they give the new mommy something she needs more than anything else: diapers!  

Currently we have 36 different types of diaper cakes. Some start as low as 19.99--that's cheaper than a pack of diapers! Below we've listed some of our most popular diaper cakes. It’s time for your baby shower gift to be the highlight of the party!

Popular Diaper Cakes

The Cashmere Bunny Friendly Frogs 3 Tier Diaper Cake

Baby USC Red Zebra Pettiskirt Outfit Diaper Cake

Blooming Baby Queen of the Jungle Diaper Cake 3 Tier

Bloomers Baby Classic Diaper Cake Blue Hydrangeas with Blue Circles

The Cashmere Bunny Sweet Safari 3 Tier Diaper Cake

For Brea's Baby Boutique's complete collection of diaper cakes, please click here

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink

What do cherry blossoms, flamingos, erasers, and bubble gum have in common? They’re all pink! The color pink has been associated with babies and little girls for as long as most of us can remember. However, did you know that pink outfits, pink blankets, and pink decked-out bedroom décor has only been a recent phenomenon? Many “pink” experts date the origin of the association of pink with girls in the US to the early 1900s. In 1927, a survey of ten department stores reported that pink was preferred for boys in six of them! They believed that because pink is a stronger, more bold color, that it suited boys better than “dainty” and “delicate” blue.

It’s surprising that pink has not been a girly color for that long—but we know why it is now. Girls are pretty in pink. At Brea’s Baby Boutique, we carry pink pettiskirts, pink dresses, pink bows, pink outfits, pink shoes, pink hats—pink everything. Because at Brea’s, we know there is nothing in this world more precious than a little baby girl in pink. Here are some of our most popular pink products on some beautiful little girls:

Pink Outfits on Pretty Girls
Pink Petti Rompers, Pink Pettidresses, Pink Tutus, Pink Skirts, Pink Bows, and Pink Dresses

Girls LM Pink Milk Shake Tutu Set

Girls PW Hot Pink & Zebra One Piece Pettidress

Girls Mud Pie Light Pink Mesh Ruffler Crawler

Girls Mud Pie Ribbon Ruffle Sundress

Pink Petti Rompers

Right now, pink petti rompers are extremely popular for newborn photo shoots. We sell our petti rompers for as low as $19.99. Brea’s Baby Boutique also gives you the option of buying a matching bow, headband, or head accessory for every outfit. All of our products were designed with your beautiful baby girl in mind. Our products are gentile on your baby’s sensitive skin, comfortable, and of course, really, really cute. We have over 44 different petti rompers to choose from in every color of the rainbow. Click here to view our entire line of petti rompers.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We've all heard the poem “April showers bring May flowers.” The popular saying is associated with patience and dealing with negativity to receive a positive outcome in the end. However, when you have kids, the meaning is more literal. Nothing is worse than having energetic, cabin-fevered children stuck inside during a rainstorm.

Don’t let the foul weather slow your kids down. Here are some fun activities to do with your children outside in the rain. Unless it’s lightening outside, there’s no harm in getting a little bit wet.

4 rainy-day activities for kids:

1). Go puddle tap-dancing. Put on the rain coats, buckle up the galoshes, grab the umbrellas, and go outside to dance! See who can make the biggest splash. Challenge your kids to a puddle tap-dance competition!

2). Color yourself. Grab washable crayons, finger paint, body paint, and paint yourselves. Go crazy! When you’re done, go outside and wash it off in the rain. Repeat if necessary.

3). Go camping. Pitch a tent in your backyard. Once the rain starts, zip up and enjoy the sound of the raindrops hitting the tent. Read stories, play board games, and create flashlight shapes on the walls of the tent.

4). Unleash your inner Picasso: Use rain to create art. Put several colors of powered tempera paint into empty containers with plastic shaker tops. Give your tot a heavy sheet of construction paper and encourage them to sprinkle a few colors onto the paper. Lay a trash bag on the ground in the rain and help your children put the powered papers on the bag. Watch the rain do the rest! Once your tot is happy, take the pictures inside to dry.

Regardless of what you do on a rainy April day, here are some cute rain-inspired baby gear for the special little girl or boy in your life:

Baby Bella Maya Little Boy Blue Infant Car Seat Cover

Baby Aspen "Let the Fin Begin" Terry Shark Robe (Personalization Available)

Girls KS Aqua Lace Petti Pants / Leggings

Chic Baby Rose Light Blue Newborn or Shorter Length Pettiskirt

And when the rain stops, here are some bloomers for your little budding flower:

Baby Aspen "Bunch of Bloomers" Three Bloomers for Blooming Bums

Brea's Baby Boutique wishes you and your little rain flowers a great first day of April! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Animal Print Baby Fashion

When it comes to animal prints, people either love them or hate them. Regardless of how you feel about the zebra, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, and even cow prints you see all over the place, one thing is certain: animal prints are definitely not a trend. After all, animal skin fashion started when paleolithic cavemen sported buffalo skins. Although we've progressed to faux designs instead of the real thing, it's safe to say that animal print fashion isn't going anywhere. And here's why: animal prints bring out the fierce animals in all of us. And that goes for our fabulously fierce babies, too. 

Nothing is cuter than a little baby girl in a leopard print romper or a zebra diaper cover. Nothing is sweeter than your child sleeping in a leopard print car seat cover. Nothing is better than having your daughter's clothing reflect her inner-animal. She's cute. She's smart. She's beautiful. The special little girl in your life is a mini diva. She should dress the part!

At Brea’s Baby Boutique, we offer a wide assortment of animal print products for little girls and little boys. At Brea’s, we have animal print clothing, animal print car seat covers, animal print baby gear, animal print rompers, animal print diaper covers, animal print EVERYTHING. We have experienced a surge in demand for animal print products and we have done our very best to meet the demand.

Here are some of Brea's Baby Boutique's newest and top-selling animal print products for baby girls: 

Girls KS Brown Leopard Black Cap Sleeves Lace Ruffles Pettidress

Girls Jamie Rae Hats Zebra Print Pipette Set

Girls KS Hot Pink Zebra Satin Ruffles Panties

Girls One Posh Kid Hot Pink Cheetahlicious Set

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we have hundreds of animal print design outfits and animal print design products for the special child in your life. Feel free to browse our website for more great animal print clothing deals! Have a GRRRRReat day!