Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Games and Ideas

Due to the success of TLC’s 19 and Counting, the guess-the-type-of-mashed-chocolate-on-the-diaper game has been really popular at baby showers. The chug-the-baby-bottle and eat-the-baby-food games are pretty common games, too. Everyone loves showers that celebrate a brand new baby, but after awhile the same baby shower games get old, fast.

Here’s a list of Brea’s top 3 baby shower games that are guaranteed to entertain all guests of all ages—yes, even grumpy ninety-eight year-old Aunt Agnes!

3 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Games

1). Draw a Baby

All this cheap, easy-to-do baby shower game needs is a stack of paper plates and a few markers. Give each guest one paper plate and a marker and tell them they have to draw a picture of a baby. However, it’s not that simple—each guest needs to draw with the paper pate on his or her head! The finished masterpieces are sure to have everyone laughing!

2). Diaper Relay

Are your guests ultra-competitive? If so, break them up in several teams. Place several extra-large adult diapers at the end of the yard/room. Line up the teams on the other side. After signaling “go,” the first person on each team runs down to the stack of adult diapers to put the diapers on themselves (over their clothes). Once finished, they run back, lay down, and let the next person in line “change their diaper.” You’d repeat these steps until everyone has gone. It doesn’t get more personal/embarrassing than this!

3). Get Crafty

Buy enough onesies (different sizes) to give to each of your guest. Stretch each onesie across of piece of cardboard. When you’re ready to play, set out fabric paint and other baby-safe décor (ribbons, glitter, etc). Have everyone paint a personalized design on the onesie for the new baby. It’s a craft that the new parents can cherish forever—even after their precious baby outgrows the onesies.

Are you attending and/or hosting a baby shower in the near future? Have you played any great baby shower games? Have you seen any great themes? Brea’s Baby Boutique would love to hear from you!

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