Monday, March 25, 2013

Animal Print Baby Fashion

When it comes to animal prints, people either love them or hate them. Regardless of how you feel about the zebra, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, and even cow prints you see all over the place, one thing is certain: animal prints are definitely not a trend. After all, animal skin fashion started when paleolithic cavemen sported buffalo skins. Although we've progressed to faux designs instead of the real thing, it's safe to say that animal print fashion isn't going anywhere. And here's why: animal prints bring out the fierce animals in all of us. And that goes for our fabulously fierce babies, too. 

Nothing is cuter than a little baby girl in a leopard print romper or a zebra diaper cover. Nothing is sweeter than your child sleeping in a leopard print car seat cover. Nothing is better than having your daughter's clothing reflect her inner-animal. She's cute. She's smart. She's beautiful. The special little girl in your life is a mini diva. She should dress the part!

At Brea’s Baby Boutique, we offer a wide assortment of animal print products for little girls and little boys. At Brea’s, we have animal print clothing, animal print car seat covers, animal print baby gear, animal print rompers, animal print diaper covers, animal print EVERYTHING. We have experienced a surge in demand for animal print products and we have done our very best to meet the demand.

Here are some of Brea's Baby Boutique's newest and top-selling animal print products for baby girls: 

Girls KS Brown Leopard Black Cap Sleeves Lace Ruffles Pettidress

Girls Jamie Rae Hats Zebra Print Pipette Set

Girls KS Hot Pink Zebra Satin Ruffles Panties

Girls One Posh Kid Hot Pink Cheetahlicious Set

At Brea's Baby Boutique, we have hundreds of animal print design outfits and animal print design products for the special child in your life. Feel free to browse our website for more great animal print clothing deals! Have a GRRRRReat day! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter is almost here!

Brea's Baby Boutique has the cutest collection of Easter outfits for little girls and little boys

There is something special about seeing little girls and boys all spoofed up for Easter. The lacy white socks, the sweater vests, the mini ties, and the puffy pastel-color dresses are just as essential to Easter as the eggs and bunnies are. Seeing a little boy or a little girl prance (or crawl!) around the yard frantically searching for those plastic eggs is truly a memorable moment. The moment is even sweeter when they’re dressed up.

Celebrate your child’s Easter with Easter outfits from Brea’s Baby Boutique. Our Easter boutique collection is filled with the cutest Easter dresses for baby girls and the most handsome Easter outfits for baby boys. We have over 158 Easter-related outfits in our entire section! Some Easter outfits start as low as $25!

Here are some of our favorite Easter dresses for girls:

Here are some of our best Easter outfits for boys:

Here's a list of Brea’s Baby Boutique’s fast, fun Easter facts:

1). The Easter egg roll on the White House lawn has been a tradition since 1878! The entire area is turned into a massive playground for children all around the United States.

2). Approximately 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made for Easter each year. When Americans eat these bunnies, 76% prefer to bite the ears off fist, while 5 % eat the feet first and a mere 4 % eat the tail first.

3). The very first chocolate eggs were made in Europe during the early 19th century. Today, the chocolate egg remains the most popular treat associated with Easter.

4). Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow peeps during Easter.

Here at Brea’s Baby Boutique, we wish you and your families a very happy Easter! Please visit our Easter Boutique Collection  for more cute Easter outfits for the special little girls and boys in your life! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys Personalized First Birthday Outfits

A child's first birthday is a special event. Although we might not all celebrate our children's birthdays the same, it is interesting to hear different first birthday celebrations from around the world:

In Hawaii, a baby's first birthday is a huge event. Back before modern technology, most Hawaiian children didn't live past their first birthday. When a baby made it to the one-year milestone, family members would hold a huge feast and luau—everyone would come. To this day, Hawaiian first birthdays are just as extravagant. In China, a first birthday is also an important event. The parents of the child try to tell the child’s fortune by placing various objects in front of the baby (coins, pencils, dolls, a book, a calculator, a stethoscope, etc.). If the baby picks up a coin first, he or she may become rich. If the baby picks up a calculator, he or she may become an accountant. If the baby picks up the doll, he or she may have a lot of children!

We may not all agree on how to celebrate our child’s first birthday…but we can all agree on one thing: we want our babies to look as cute as possible on their special day. 

It isn't uncommon for moms to comment on the lack of cute little boys’ 1st birthday outfits available in stores today. Boys are hard to shop for! Most moms want fun, unique and creative prints and designs for their little boy's birthday outfit. Finding it is the hard part. At Brea’s Boutique, we don’t forget about our little men. We sell cute boys’ personalized first birthday outfits that showcase your little boy’s spunk and meets your budget requirements.

Here are some of Brea’s Boutique’s favorite personalized boys birthday outfits. Click the links for more info! Our personalized boys first birthday outfits start as low as $29.99!

Click here to view the rest of Brea's Boutique's little boys first birthday outfits collection!