Monday, May 6, 2013

Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits

There have been quite a few TV show characters that have been popular with little girls. The “Pink” Power Ranger, Tweedy Bird, the Powerpuff Girls, Dora the Explorer, and now, Hello Kitty, have all reached max popularity one point or another. However, after a few years, their characters stop showing up on backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, clothing, and other kid-related gear to be replaced by the newest and latest kiddie character. Like anything, trends come and go. There are a few exceptions however—specifically a little black mouse with a red polka dot dress and white gloves—Miss Minnie Mouse!

Minnie Mouse has been a little girl favorite since the 1920s. She’s sassy, she’s cute, and she knows what she wants. She’s a classic. The Minnie Mouse phenomenon isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As a parent that’s good news—the outfits and products you buy will be in style for a long time to come. At Brea’s Baby Boutique, our Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits are our best selling outfits! We have over 75 different Minnie Mouse-related shoes, dresses, skirts, and pettiskirts available from as low as $10!

Here Are Five Best-Selling Minnie Mouse Birthday Outfits

Girls Birthday Couture Zebra Minnie Mouse Tutu Set

Girls KS Minnie Mouse Birthday or Costume Pettiskirt 3-Piece Set

Girls BBC Minnie Mouse Rhinestone Hot Pink & Light Pink Polka Dot Pettiskirt Set

Whether you want to purchase a Minnie Mouse outfit for a birthday party, a costume, or just to wear out and about, you can guarantee that your little girl will love what she's wearing. Minnie Mouse is a classic--and she's sure to stick around. 

Brea's Baby Boutique also has two other themed birthday outfit collections: our 1st Birthday Outfit Theme and our Birthday Princess Theme. All of our outfits are made with quality fabrics and materials. You can view more outfits, gifts, and accessories on our home page

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