Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys Personalized First Birthday Outfits

A child's first birthday is a special event. Although we might not all celebrate our children's birthdays the same, it is interesting to hear different first birthday celebrations from around the world:

In Hawaii, a baby's first birthday is a huge event. Back before modern technology, most Hawaiian children didn't live past their first birthday. When a baby made it to the one-year milestone, family members would hold a huge feast and luau—everyone would come. To this day, Hawaiian first birthdays are just as extravagant. In China, a first birthday is also an important event. The parents of the child try to tell the child’s fortune by placing various objects in front of the baby (coins, pencils, dolls, a book, a calculator, a stethoscope, etc.). If the baby picks up a coin first, he or she may become rich. If the baby picks up a calculator, he or she may become an accountant. If the baby picks up the doll, he or she may have a lot of children!

We may not all agree on how to celebrate our child’s first birthday…but we can all agree on one thing: we want our babies to look as cute as possible on their special day. 

It isn't uncommon for moms to comment on the lack of cute little boys’ 1st birthday outfits available in stores today. Boys are hard to shop for! Most moms want fun, unique and creative prints and designs for their little boy's birthday outfit. Finding it is the hard part. At Brea’s Boutique, we don’t forget about our little men. We sell cute boys’ personalized first birthday outfits that showcase your little boy’s spunk and meets your budget requirements.

Here are some of Brea’s Boutique’s favorite personalized boys birthday outfits. Click the links for more info! Our personalized boys first birthday outfits start as low as $29.99!

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