Monday, July 27, 2009

We LOVE No Slippy Hair Clippy - The Name Says It All!!

We have found it!! A hair clip that doesn't slip & hair bows that dont leave little dents on your baby's head! We are blowing the horns & tooting the whistles cause we definately want you to check out these FABULOUS & FUNCTIONAL HAIR CLIPPIES for your little girl at
I know all you Mommies out there are always looking for the cutest hair clippies and hair bows for your sweet baby girl. These days with a sea of websites geared toward hairbows, hair clippies or any hair accessory for THAT matter can leave your head spinning. Well, here at Brea's Baby Boutique we have found your One-Stop Hair Clip & Bow Shop - The No Slippy Hair Clippy!

The No Slippy Hair Clippy does it all! We weren't kidding when we said the name says it all. They actually dont slip! I have been honored to try these AMAZING hairclips for my 2 year old daughter. I dont know about you, but everyday is a constant battle of putting my daughters hair clip back in because it is always sliding out. I might add that my 2 year old loves them. She is always playing in her hairbow basket and the first thing she pulls out our the No Slippy Hair Clippies. Smart Girl, huh? She knows just as well as I that they are designed with your kids comfort in mind.

I am so proud to annouce that their baby bows do not leave dents in your sweet babys head. I can't tell you how my headbands I have for my 3 month old daughter and when you take them off there will be a little dent there. My hubby cringles when this happens! He things I am completely cruel for putting them on our baby girls head! Well, when I showed him her new bows that stay in place and don't leave little marks, he was thrilled!!
Their designs range from flowers, barrettes, hair bows, holiday, novelty, and birthdays! There is a clip or bow for every occasion and taste! Here is a qlimpse of a few of our favorites -

As if Cute, Functional, & Non Slipping wasnt enough! Did I mention they are AFFORDABLE! You wont break the bank getting your little girl in style! You are sure to find the perfect hair accessory that will keep you wanting to come back for more!

No Slippy Hair Clippy has been features in many major Magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn, Parenting, Baby Couture, Cookie, & People, just to name a few!

The No Slippy Hair Clip can be spotted on many Celebrity Children - Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Salma Hayek all have their children decked out in these fantastic clippies & bows.

Check out No Slippy Hair Clippy - The Home of the Original Clip that Stays In! We LOVE their products & know you will too!

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